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Vis became of interest to ancient historical sources in 4th century BC when the tyrant of the Greek town Syracuse, Dionysus the Elder, in his propensity to become the most powerful ruler of Mediterranean, founded his own colony - Issa on the site of present day Vis. Issa soon became an independent town-state (polis) and coined its own money. Its citizens traded throughout the Mediterranean and the town soon began founding its own colonies. Issa became especially famous in the ancient world thanks to the excellence of its wines.

Under Roman rule, Issa lost its independence but still enjoyed social and economical growth which can be seen in the remains of the large thermae from the Roman period. At first this improvement stopped and then, together with the fall of Roman Empire, stagnated alongside the antique civilisation.

Vis played the huge role of military base in socialist Yugoslavia. It was closed to visitors as a strategically important point for decades. These circumstances slowed the development of tourism on the island down, but protected the island from the uncontrolled construction of tourist facilities that is characteristic of a sudden development of tourism.

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