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Vinkovci, Croatia

A distinguished place among the numerous important details regarding the City history surely belongs to the oldest Indo-European calendar, the Orion. The archeologists discovered this vessel on March 21st, 1978 at the site of the present-day Hotel Slavonija. Twenty years later, it was determined that the engraved ornaments represent the constellations which dominate the night sky above Vinkovci.

Here in the heart of Vinkovci, Europe's oldest city, stand together the symbols of space, time and civilization. The engraved ornament on the vessel which was unearthed from the Vučedol layer in Vinkovci and had been made before the year 2600 B.C., represents the most complete Indo-European calendar which is based on astral symbolism with pertinent constellations for all four season. Although it was created in the same time period as the Sumerian and Egyptian calendars, it does not represent their replica, since it is based on the 45th parallel.

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