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Ston - The City Of Salt


Popularly known as ‘The Great Wall of Croatia’, more than five kilometers in length, Ston town walls are the longest complete fortress system around a town in Europe and the second in the world. Built in 15th century as a first line of defense, heavily fortified, with a purpose to protect a precious commodity – salt. Ston was economically and strategically the most important place in the Dubrovnik Republic.

With the tradition of harvesting salt for over 4000 years, ‘The City of Salt’ is confirmed even nowadays as the oldest active salt pans in the world. Saltworks were built there in the 13th century, today producing salt in the same way as eight centuries ago. Ston Bay is divided into shallow, separate pools filled with seawater, which is heated with sun energy and which gradually evaporates due to constantly high temperature. Shiny-white sediment of crystal salt remains at the bottom of the pools, which is then dug out, or better "harvested", with wooden shovels, and loaded onto mine cars. Compared to sea salt, Ston salt presents its excellent characteristics which more than anything witness the pureness of sea it is derived from: complete whiteness and shine. In 2014 The Solana Ston Museum became the part of the existing company.

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