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Durability of urban life in the modern city of Sisak has more than 2000 years. As such, it is one of the oldest settlements in this area. In 4th century BC, in what is now Sisak, where she has been inhabited by indigenous Illyrian tribes, breaking the Celts. Illyrian-Celtic settlement Segestica Roman army tried to take a number of occasions. It finally succeeded Octavian, 35 BC. From originally built military camps, the Roman Siscija quickly rises to the status of the city with very strong military, transport and administrative functions, developed commerce and trade, and later the famous mint. Money coined it was used throughout the Roman Empire, thanks to this Siscija name became known and other such over the centuries, until today.

The expansion of Christianity in Siscia established early Christian communities and dioceses in the third century. Of all the famous Sisak Bishop Bishop Kvirin which seat from 284 to 303 when he was at the time of the last great Roman persecution of Christians arrested and murdered. Siščani the bishops adopted this as their patron.

From medieval anonymity, Sisak will emerge during the battles with the Turks, especially after the construction of the famous Sisak stiffer 1544th year. Siska his glory will experience the culmination of the great Christian army victory over the Turks, after the third siege 1593rd year.

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