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Pelješac Peninsula


Despite the fact that the earlier years of this beautiful part of the country are basically shrouded in mystery, we know that the sparsely populated, but seriously impressive Peljesac Peninsula was originally mentioned by Greek writers, known as the Roman Province of Dalmatia.

Following a changing of hands, the area was part of the French Empire in the early 1800s, before passing over to the Austrian Empire. Moving on from this, for around 70 years, the area was then part of Yugoslavia, before Croatia was granted independence in the 90s. For this very reason, the Peljesac Peninsula is an area which is dripping in history, nods to various cultures, and as such, the ideal place to visit.

Though it is only home to about 8 thousand people, the Pelješac peninsula is now coming into its stride as a travel destination. This region has long been known for its delicious shellfish, dry red wines, and gorgeous beaches.

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