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Osijek, Croatia

The oldest prehistoric settlement in the Osijek area was created at the Drava bank of the hill today, barely visible as it provides an east-west in the northern part Retfala. At the end of the first century BC, the Romans conquered almost the whole of Pannonia, and the little elevated right bank of the Drava established a military camp named Mursa in the area of ​​today's Lower Town (from the Customs Office in the west to the Ban Jelacic Square in the east of Frankopanske Street south to Drava River in the north).

Attila's Huns destroyed Mursa 441st year. West of its ruins, the elevated terrace and a small hill near the coast of Drava, founded in the 7th century Slavic settlement. Visit ancient Slavic settlers named their village the name of Osijek, in whose name, according to some interpretations, contained the concept of something - odsječenog.

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