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National Park Brijuni


Brijuni archipelago are attractive group of islands near Istria Peninsula, with the main islands Veli Brijun that is National Park and open to visitors. The fact that it was visited by the elite of Austrian, Hungarian and German aristocracy when Istria was part of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy speaks of its beauty and charm. In more recent history almost every major statesman visited the islands as Brijuni were residence of late President Tito of Yugoslavia.

The islands are rich in natural beauties, flora and fauna brought here from various parts of the world. On Brijuni there is an attractive archaeological site the Byzantine castrum and luxurious Roman villa, Ethnographic collection, Collection of frescoes, Archaeological Museum and Natural history exhibit. The Brijuni archipelago is separated from the mainland by the two-miles-wide Fazana Channel to the northwest of Pula.

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