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With its elegant system of towers, walls, gates and piazzas, the hilltop village of Motovun in Istria is a striking example of Venetian colonial architecture. Perched on a hill some 227m above sea level, Motovun is the most attractive town in the Istrian interior. Architect Andrea Palladio designed the late-Renaissance town church of St. Stephen. Francesco Bonazzo contributed the marble statues of St. Stephen and St. Laurence, and an unknown 17th-century Venetian produced the painting of the Last Supper behind the church's altar. Take a walk around the town walls of Motovun: The sweeping view takes in the vineyards that produce Motovun's fine Teran and Malvasija wine and the forests that harbour Istria's prized white and black truffles. In the last week of July or the beginning of August, Motovun is famous for International Film Festival, which presents independent and avant-garde films from the U.S. and Europe. .

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