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Đakovo was first mentioned in written documents in 1239 in the deed of the Croatian duke Koloman Bosnian bishop Ponsi, which bishops are becoming masters of Đakovo and surrounding area. Since then, begins the history of the Diocese of Đakovo. Đakovo is now a bishop's town - the seat Đakovačko-Sirmium Diocese.

In 1536 Đakovo occupied Turks and ruled nearly 150 years - the town then named JAMES. It was a dark period of the city. Destroyed nearly all Catholic churches and mosques were built. The most famous is the Ibrahim Pasha Mosque, which was after the Turks converted to the Catholic church. In 1690 returned to the town bishop and then starts building the city.

History Paddock Đakovo begins by establishing the Diocese of Grant ten o'clock Arabian horse and a stallion, although it takes a year of 1506th According to the bishop Bakić horse breeding on the estate has existed since 1374. Breeding continues today in the State Lipizzan stud farm, which is among the oldest in Europe, as well as a growing number of private horse breeders. For many years, the Stud was part of PEC Đakovo, and today it is the state horse farm Lipizzan horses, in charge of breeding and selection.

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